Senior School News

After a raucous bidding session at the Rent-a-Leaver Auction last Friday in the Hardcastle Hall, girls throughout the school enjoyed having their own Sixth Form servant for the day – some for as much as £40! In order to raise money for their Leavers Ball, our Upper Sixth bravely offered themselves up for auction to the delight of our lower school girls and spent the day at their beck and call. There were copious amounts of McDonalds and Pizza deliveries observed at lunchtime, while other Leavers found themselves laden with rucksacks and folders as they followed their ‘masters’ around to their various lessons, evening taking notes for them.

This being said, one of our Sixth Formers, Lorna from UVI RJ, reported that it was a brilliant day getting to catch up with the latest Upper 3 gossip and bond with some of the girls she had coached during her time at The Abbey. Most importantly, she said that it was reassuring to know that little had changed since her time in Year 7 and she had a great time sneaking into their lessons and being reminded of her time lower down the school. I'm sure our younger girls enjoyed spending time with one of our 'big' girls and learning about life at the top of the school just as much!

No matter what the day held, we’re sure it will all seem a worthy effort once the Leavers Ball plans come to fruition, particularly thanks to the hard-earned money raised.

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