Junior School News
  • 17/10/17

    The Abbey Junior School Win 500 Calendars

    ​When a stylish stationary design company - Busy B - launched a social media competition with the opportunity to win ‘school-year calendars’ for everyone in your school, Vicky Hammond, one of our Junior School teachers saw a great opportunity.

  • 17/10/17

    Pizza with Mrs Cresswell

    The Quiet Room was anything but quiet when an eager class of Lower III arrived for pizza with Mrs Cresswell, Head of the Senior School.

  • 16/10/17

    Transition Girls' Colourful Trip to Birdworld

    ​On Friday 13 October Trans set off on a long awaited trip to Birdworld. Set against the backdrop of brightly coloured parrots and flamingos, our girls fit in perfectly; a mass of pink Wellington boots and rucksacks.

  • 13/10/17

    Upper I Visit The Cole Museum

    Upper I enjoyed an exciting visit to The Cole Museum at The University of Reading, during their Science lesson last week.

  • 13/10/17

    Lower IP Tell The Tale of Diwali

    With the Hindu festival of Diwali fast approaching, the girls of Lower IP decided that for their assembly they would take us back in time to tell us all about the festival and how and why it is celebrated.

  • 13/10/17

    Prep's Autumnal Walk

    Prep were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny day in October to enjoy an Autumnal Walk.

  • 11/10/17

    Upper II at Heatree

    Upper II are enjoying their time in Dartmoor so far.

  • 06/10/17

    Upper I Explore the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

    Upper One spent their day exploring the deepest secrets of the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford.

  • 06/10/17

    Lower I Desert Explorer Workshop

    Flora the Explorer found out that the Lower I girls knew quite a bit about deserts, so she invited them on a quest to find the lost crystal lizard.

  • 05/10/17

    Parents left captivated after our first Informal Music Recital of the academic year

    ​On Tuesday 3 October, over 20 Junior School girls from Lower I upwards showcased their talents in our first Informal Music Recital of the academic year.