Junior School Parking Tips

At morning drop off and evening pick up it can get very busy around the Junior School. Please leave enough time for your journey to park safely, legally and considerately a little way from the school.

Here are some tips from parents who have been at the school a number of years. Hopefully, these tips will help make your journey less stressful and safer for everyone:

  • You don’t need to park!

You can pull up kerbside in Vicarage Road and drop your girls with a staff member. Kiss and Drop in Vicarage Road is available for Trans girls and upwards between 8.15 am and 8.40 am. Prep girls can use Kiss and Drop between 8.15 am and 8.30 am.

  • You can drop your girls early.

In the mornings, your daughter can be dropped at the Kensington House site from 8.15 am. KS2 girls are supervised in the quadrangle until the bell goes at 8.30 am. Nursery and KS1 girls can be dropped in Kensington Hall where they will be supervised until 8.30 am, when those who need to be in a different building will be escorted there.

  • You can access the school from Cintra Avenue.

In the mornings, the school can be accessed from Cintra Avenue using the gate by the tennis courts. This is available to all between 8.15 am and 8.40 am and can also be used as a drop-off without parking for girls from Lower I up.

  • You can collect your girls later.

Girls can be looked after for up to 30 minutes after the end of their day without charge, if you are delayed in collecting them:

  • Nursery girls will be remain in Knell House until 15:55.
  • Reception, Prep and Trans girls will stay in their form room until 15:40, then be taken over to Trans U until 16:00.
  • Lower I, Upper I, Upper II and Lower III girls will stay in their form room until 16:00, then go to the Art Room until 16:15.

After these times, girls will be taken to After School Care (and normal charges apply).

  • There is a list of girls’ home locations to help with car sharing.

A Junior School Directory containing home post codes is published each year to help parents to set-up car sharing.

  • There is more parking a short walk from the school.

In our experience, trying to park directly by the school gate can be very stressful. At drop off and pick-up the roads near the school do get very busy with school buses and other parents trying to park. There are many roads a short walk from the school that offer more accessible parking and there is a free car park for Cintra Park off Northumberland Avenue.

  • Legal and safe parking is expected.

Please do not park on the double yellow lines, zig zags or pavements near the school - this is very dangerous for small children walking and trying to cross the road. The police, the school and the Parents’ Association actively promote safe parking around the school.

Detailed information about all of the above is contained within the Handbook for Parents and Pupils, available from the ‘Log in area’ of the Abbey School website.

If you would like to get involved with promoting road safety around the Junior School, please contact