As a Registered Charity, the Parents' Association is governed by a formal constitution. Our Charity Registration number is 1129986.

The committee is elected by the general members at the Annual General Meeting, the first meeting of the Autumn Term. The current committee is shown below:


Amy Turner

Vice Chair:



Harriet Cunningham


Louise Fleck



Social Secretary:


Uniform Shop Manager:

Jennifer Carins

Members without Portfolio:

Mari-Carmen Almazan

Lisa Garthside

Cigdem Gogus

Ana Kershaw

Robert Payne

Kate Saffman

Rebecca Sampson

Class Link

One of the key points of contact with the Parents' Association is your Class Link. The Class Links help disseminate information about activities organised by the Parents' Association, facilitates communication between parents in a particular class/year group and helps to provide a social focus, particular for new parents and girls. They also provide a conduit for feedback to the Parents' Association, so if you think we should be doing something have a chat with your Class Link!

The Class Links for 2016-17 are shown below. If you're interested in volunteering as a Class Link please contact




Jenny Wearing (Rec R)

Katherine Laverye (Rec R)

Alice Hartley (Rec H)


Dyotana Chakraborty (Prep D)

Shilpa Kulkarni (Prep L)


Dima (Trans G)

Helen Wallace (Trans H)

Lower I:

Rizwana Sultana (Lower I B)

Pippa Schutz (Lower I Y)

Upper I:

Katie Adams (Upper I P)

Claire Maidlow (Upper I P)

Upper II:

Helen Wallace (Upper II C)

Lape Adejuwon (Upper II C)

Michelle Holman (Upper II M)

Nadia Hristova (Upper II B)

Lower III:

Fiona Lawrence (Lower III S)

Neeta Ahuja (Lower III P)

Catrin Miller (Lower III P)

Upper III:

Louise Fleck (Upper III K)

Ann Kersham (Upper III B)

Upper IV:

Julie Englefield

Tracy Ashdown

Katherine Long