The School recognises excellence through our Scholarship scheme in the Senior School. The value of a scholarship is nominal but the prestige in recognition of a girl's ability is considerable. A scholarship can be held alongside a means-tested Bursary award.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are offered to the highest achieving candidates in the entrance examination for entry at age 11 (Year 7) - there is no separate Scholarship exam - and are awarded for five years, until the end of Year 11.

The Sixth Form Scholarship process involves a Scholarship examination which is sat in the November of Year 11 and which includes a subject-based scholarship interview. This is open to both external and internal candidates and the award lasts for the two years of the Sixth Form.

Specialist Scholarships / Awards

A small number of Scholarships are also made to recognise exceptional talent in Music, Drama, Art & Design, or Sport. The assessments for these take place in the November of Year 11. Information on the Awards and assessment processes may be viewed below.

Applications can be made for up to two types of specialist scholarship but please note that whilst a specialist award may be held in conjunction with an Academic Scholarship no girl will be awarded more than one specialist award.

Scholarships for entry to Years 7 and 8 are usually awarded until the end of Year 9. There is an opportunity to re-apply in the summer of Year 9 for Years 10 and 11. Scholarships awarded for entry to Year 9 are awarded for three years. All scholarships are re-assessed for entry into the Sixth Form. Scholars in the Sixth Form are considered to be ambassadors of the school, representing their chosen subject in a variety of ways.