What is a Bursary?

Bursaries are provided to assist Senior School girls who would benefit significantly from an education at The Abbey and whose parents could not otherwise afford to send them. Bursaries are means-tested and parental assets and income are assessed and reviewed on an annual basis. Every case will be taken on its individual merits but, among those who qualify financially, the academic potential of the pupil will be the overriding factor. Financial awards are not available to Junior School pupils. The financial aspects of scholarships and bursaries are considered separately.

Further information about Bursaries can be found in our admissions policy

How to apply for a Bursary

Parents should indicate to The Head of Finance and Resources that a bursary may be needed by emailing 
bursaries@theabbey.co.uk. All bursary applications should be received by the last Friday in November.


Scholarships are awarded in the Senior School to recognise excellence. The prestige in recognition of a girl’s ability is considerable and Scholars are expected to demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm throughout their school life.  Specialist Scholars benefit from an enrichment programme in their subject area with access to workshops and mentoring.

Specialist scholarship applications for the Senior School should be submitted to admissions@theabbey.co.uk by 1 December 2017. Sixth Form applications should be submitted by 30 October 2017. 

Financial awards are not available to Junior School pupils.

Academic Scholarships are offered to the highest achieving candidates in the 11+ (Year 7) entrance exam. They are awarded for five years until the end of Upper V (Year 11).

The highest achieving candidates in the 13+ (Year 9) entrance exam are also offered Academic Scholarships. These are awarded for three years until the end of Upper V (Year 11).

Sixth Form Scholarships are awarded following a scholarship examination and interview in the November of Upper V (Year 11) for both internal and external candidates. 

Art Scholars enjoy special status and recognition, they are awarded a £500 discount on their annual fees, receive high quality materials to use at home and benefit from an Art enrichment programme.

Latest Art Scholar news - Ian Murphy Workshop

The Art Scholars’ programme runs for scholars from UIII to UVI throughout the year and comprises of weekend workshops and trips to museums, galleries or places of interest (usually one or two per term) and a regular afterschool session. The workshops are led by practising artists and are an opportunity for the girls to develop skills, knowledge and experience of particular approaches and techniques. Artists who have visited us recently are Su Blackwell, Jeanette Barnes, Janet Curley Cannon and Bhajan Hunjan. A wide range of techniques and approaches are covered through these sessions.

The afterschool sessions are led by Art staff and give the girls the opportunity to develop further some of the techniques and approaches they have explored in the workshops. Art scholars are encouraged to work on personal projects.

Art scholars have the opportunity to participate in the Arts Award Scheme, a nationally recognised certificate for achievement within the arts.

Scholars’ work is exhibited in a special Speech Day exhibition in addition to the summer exhibition.

Art Scholar Margarita tells us about her Abbey Scholarship experience

Drama Scholars enjoy special status, receive a £500 discount on their annual fees and benefit from a year-long Drama enrichment programme. This is run by our Theatre Artist in Residence in collaboration with the Drama Department.

The students will explore monologues, duologues, devised work, scripted work, choral work and mask.

Drama Scholars enjoy a weekly series of workshops and rehearsals, as well as performing in their own Scholars’ production in December; recent productions have included ‘Tiny Plays’ and ‘Shakespeare at the Table’, both pieces devised by the scholars. Scholars are encouraged to audition for all appropriate school productions and there may be opportunities to work in roles other than performance, such as lighting, sound, costume or make up. The girls are also provided with a trip to the theatre and a workshop with an external practitioner as part of their scholarship award. 

We are always delighted to listen to girls who show exceptional musical talent and who wish to be considered for a music scholarship. Music scholars play a central role in the activities of the department and in the musical life of the school.

Music scholars enjoy considerable prestige and benefit from a programme of enrichment which includes masterclass and performance opportunities. Music scholars are expected to be active members of the school’s musical ensembles, to take part regularly in school concerts and to help provide music at morning assembly.

Sports Scholars at The Abbey enjoy special status, are awarded a £500 discount on their annual fees and benefit from a Sport Support and Mentoring Programme which will enable them to develop the necessary skills, psychology and fitness to perform their sport at a high level. 

The Abbey's Sports Scholars act as sporting role models and, where applicable, are members of the school's teams.