The Abbey School has increased its provision of bursaries in the Senior School to assist girls who would benefit significantly from an education at The Abbey and whose parents could not otherwise afford to send them. These bursaries are means-tested and parental assets and income are assessed and reviewed on an annual basis. Every case will be taken on its individual merits but, among those who qualify financially, the academic potential of the pupil will be the overriding factor.

The financial aspects of scholarships and bursaries are considered separately. This is in accordance with the need to recognise ability and also ensure that financial assistance is given where it is most needed as well as most deserved, in accordance with the school's charitable status. Scholarships entitle the holder to a nominal financial benefit but can be held in conjunction with means-tested Bursaries of up to 100% of fees in exceptional cases.

The majority of applications are made before a girl enters Upper III (Year 7) and decisions on Bursaries are made following the January Entrance Examinations; therefore all bursary applications should be received by the last Friday in November. The School is aware that family circumstances may change significantly during a child's school life, so requests for applications at other times for current pupils will be considered sympathetically if funds are still available.

Parents receiving bursary awards must submit a completed bursary application form annually. It is on the basis of the information and supporting documentation supplied that the bursary will be calculated for the following academic year.

Temporary Financial Assistance may be awarded to existing pupils for a maximum of two terms, the value of which is dependent upon the family's financial circumstances.

As a registered faith school with Church of England origins, The Abbey School wishes to enable clergy of all Christian denominations, and those in related church employment (eg church outreach workers), to access our education, for daughters who would benefit from it. There is a fund for Clergy Bursaries and those interested should highlight the fact to the Registrar in the first instance.

Financial awards are not available to Junior School pupils.

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