At The Abbey, Italian is offered 'ab initio' (from scratch) at IB Diploma level. This course is rapidly gaining in popularity and is perfect for anyone who has little or no experience of the Italian language and would like to try something completely new.

The main focus is on learning the language required for everyday social interaction in Italy whilst also developing a basic knowledge of everyday life and cultural values in Italian speaking countries.This is done over the two year course within three themes: Individual and Society, Leisure and Work, and Urban and Rural Environment. It is taught using a variety of resources - including authentic materials - and students are encouraged to develop a passion for Italian film, music and of course, food!

We expect all students to work independently and use widely available apps and other technology to compile their own lists of vocabulary and phrases as well as using the internet to listen regularly to podcasts, read articles and watch films and news clips that can help tune their ear to the Italian language.