Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe and The Abbey offers the chance to study its history, culture and language with native German teachers.

We provide cultural immersion through assemblies and themed events such as:

  • Christmas ( Nikolausparty/ Lebkuchenhäuser / Carol singing)
  • An introduction to the Karneval celebrations
  • Easter egg painting / decorating the Easter tree and treasure hunt
  • German breakfast

We facilitate an environment which enables our students to learn about their own language syntactically and semantically.

We foster co-curricular links through

  • subject teaching ( maths/geography/POR )
  • inviting speakers ( History )
  • joint trips with other departments (eg. Physics or History)


We give our students an authentic experience and an opportunity to practise their language on a variety of trips to Germany. Recent trips have included:

  • Koblenz
  • Berlin
  • Wolfsburg
  • Cologne