Delve into the language and culture of Britain’s closest neighbour and find out about the differences and similarities between the two countries. The French Department is full of dedicated Francophiles who are native speakers and keen to share their passion for everything from food and film to music and art. Using our state of the art multimedia lab and a wide range of on and offline resources you will develop a secure command of the language.

Put the language into practice by joining the French Drama Group, or watch professional French actors during a visit from the Onatti Theatre. Extend your gastronomic experience on a visit to St Omer by tasting delicious escargots and huitres, or for the less adventurous, try your hand at making delicious crepes.


The French Department love to help girls practice their language skills through regular visits to France. Our most recent trips have been to:

  • St Omer
  • Paris
  • Loire Valley
  • La Reserve