Whether ancient or modern, languages hold the key to communication and understanding. In an increasingly global employment market, communicating to colleagues and customers in their native tongue is a distinct advantage that sets you apart from the competition. Studying other languages and cultures broadens your horizons and is a fascinating way in which to engage in the world around you.

The languages department at The Abbey is full of enthusiastic linguists (many of whom are native speakers) who delight in introducing the cuisine, culture, history and geography of their homelands. All pupils gain a solid grounding in languages by studying French and Latin in Upper III (Year 7) and then girls choose to add German or Spanish in Lower IV (Year 8).

Of course, the best way to learn a language is to visit the country, so the department organises regular visits to Spain, France, Germany and Italy, often working with other departments to devise a cross-curricular programme with many strands of interest. Whether it’s finding the perfect present at the German Christmas markets, discussing the economic future of Europe in Paris, delving into the works of Homer or sampling the gastronomic delights of Italy and Spain, languages unlock a world of discovery.

Parlez Français!


Deutsch sprechen


Aprendemos Español


Latin and Ancient Greek


Impara l'italiano