Humanities at The Abbey School comprises Geography, History and Philosophy of Religion at all Key Stages, and Business Management, Economics and Global Politics as additional options in the Sixth Form. These subjects, in their broadest sense, are all disciplines that study human culture. Each is taught as a discrete subject by specialists in their field and all flourish within the school curriculum. At GCSE and at both A Level and IB the results in all the humanities are impressive, with many students continuing to pursue these subjects at University.

The Humanities provide our students with a plethora of skills which will be highly valued by their employers in the future:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Synopticity
  • Creativity
  • Global Perspective

The departments all enhance their offering with field trips (in the UK and overseas) and talks from visiting experts.

Discover the World!


Be inspired by the past!


Philosophical reflections

Philosophy of Religion

Study Politics for the IB

Global Politics

Economics at IB and A Level


Study Business as part of the IB

Business Management